Our Start-Up

Based on Deep Learning, Analytics movements

We’re creating software and unique device based on human behavior and analytics movement. We’re building hypotheses and create triggers, alerts, and many different for AI assistants/mediator.

We’re a small team from Ukraine – who have got a clear vision and clarity of honest intentions in the development AI.

Why we do What we do


The System in a smart city

  • Solar panel
  • Unique battery charger from Solar panel
  • Li-ion / Li-po batteries (10 Ah) for night power mode
  • From 2 and more cameras for Object Detection
  • Two and more Direction Screens for visual alerts
  • Sound device for notification
  • Nvidia Jetson Series (Jetson - TX2 or Xavier )
  • 3G/LTE connection
  • Classification / segregation Software
  • Synchrony work with Traffic Light (detection traffic light color)
  • Integration to cities infrastructure

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