Slide Products Creators IoT & Industrial Welcome to Human behaviors team We are making a symbiosis between Hardware and Software.
Solving the real problems in business.

Advanced Programing

We are programming in C, C++, and Python

Hardware Development

Create hardware components – found symbiosis between Software and all Hardware of components

Cloud integration

Deployment on Cloud infrastructure


Integration on the ROS

What we are going

We solve real problems and automatized your Business

We analyze the business processes and applying technology to solve problems and help you to grow up. Our primary experience is IoT, Industrial products, and Machine Learning algorithms. One of these is Computer Vision (CV) is a field of artificial intelligence (AI) that deals with images and pictures to solve real-life visual problems. The computer’s ability to recognize, understand and identify digital photos or videos to automate tasks is the main goal that computer vision tasks seek to accomplish and perform successfully.

  • Data Collection
  • Data Preparation
  • Train a model
  • Analysis / Evaluation
  • Serv model
  • ReTrain model / Update
  • Synthetics Dataset
  • Externals Algorithms
  • Embedded integration
  • Graphic Interface application
  • Controls on the Dashboard
  • Support
Fire detection

360 Visual monitoring

Fire can feed us, but Fire can kill us. Forest fires are among the most serious killers of our planet. We are – humanity is obliged to fight fires by any available method. Machine learning algorithms get to our attention – Computer vision.
We have to use RGB, Thermal, IR, or any cameras for CV algorithms. We can detect and trim a fire as soon as it is discovered.
CV algorithms will be able to integrate into Drone, towers, and each day we will scan places for our safety and future.

  • DATASETS for any Places
  • Detection and Segmentation Learning
  • Estimation Elements / Count of areas
  • Prediction GPS region of Fire
  • Analysis from Drone / Ground Towers
  • Dashboards for Control
  • AutoCalling to Fire Service
  • Generation any reports to Fire Service
  • Fast reaction and accuracy prediction of Fire places
Computer vision - for fire fighting.
AI City's Infrastructure

Emergencies of accidents

Every day, in a big city, we meet face to face many problems. It’s Vehicle accidents, emergencies on the roads, lack of law and order in all parts of the city, and much more.
As a civilization, we need helpers, other eyes, and an analyzer in solving many problems.

Computer Vision algorithms will help us in solving situations and become an independent expert. It is possible to integrate algorithms in many parts of the city and combine them into one system.

  • Video analysis
  • Object Segmentation / Classification
  • Prediction of trajectory
  • Recognition of movement
  • Pose statements
  • Following by objects
  • Visual Sign / Roads Recognition
  • Drone patrolling
  • Auto calling when Recognised indecent

Slide Hardware & Software Agriculture Technology Learn More IoT in Agriculture We are creating AgriTech products. Integration IoT to Agriculture sector to increase the yield and automatization farmer process.
The Agriculture sector

Visual Problems in Agriculture

If retrofitting farming methods with (AI) artificial intelligence were easy or cheap, everyone would have done it already. Though agriculture is estimated to be a $5 trillion industry, research suggests that output could be even higher with AI’s greater efficiency. So what is stopping Ag operations from fully deploying artificial intelligence through sensors, machine learning, and the like?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is expanding its footprints at the ground level, making a significant impact in the world’s most vital sector — Agriculture. After the healthcare, automotive, manufacturing, and finance industries, artificial intelligence in agriculture provides cutting-edge technology for harvesting with better productivity and crop yield.

The Agriculture sector is the foundation of the world’s economy, and with the increasing population, the world will need to produce 50% more food by 2050. AI-enabled technologies can help farmers get more from the land while using resources more sustainably.

  • Learning any Culture (sowing, fruits, vegetables)
  • Object Detection
  • Estimation Elements
  • Prediction Harvest
  • Analysis from Drone / Ground vehicle
  • Dashboards for Control
  • Generation any reports

Weed detection - video presentation

What We Create

What Kind of Include Hardware We Are Offering

We use high-speed hardware to integrate software and algorithms. Construct balanced builds of hardware for computer vision algorithms.
We integrate devices into the city and the structure of the town by all city laws.

Here is a small list of equipment based on which we assemble devices for computer vision algorithms’ operation.


We Create Fast Solutions based on IoT Cloud.

We work with all industry-leading cloud platforms to help bring your ideas to life.

We draw on our broad expertise in firmware development, cloud computing, web technologies, and mobile apps to create true end-to-end solutions.


  • Research and Development (R&D), Prototype, and Proof of Concept (PoC)
  • End-to-End IoT Implementation
  • Cloud Components and EDGE Computing Implementation
  • IoT Consulting and Architecture Assessment
  • IoT Replatforming, Functional and Technical Upgrades
  • Troubleshooting of Your Existing IoT Technology