A Smart Parking Application based on Bosch and IoT Cloud

A reliable LoRaWAN™ based solution to detect parking occupancy
Make traffic flow more smoothly,

Reducing the time taken to find a parking space

We will help take the concept of road traffic to the next level with a parking sensor (Bosch PLS) that detects and reports when a parking space is occupied. Thus, the PLS Sensor provides active parking management functions such as search, navigation, and reservation.

Today it is easy to upgrade the solution for parking in the courtyard of residential complexes, Company Parking, City parking – The device can be installed in a matter of minutes and added to the Bosch IoT Suite network, which we have configured for many sensors.

Bosch PLT and IoT Suite
Bosch PLT and IoT Suite
Drivers will spend less time searching for a parking space,

Reducing CO2 emissions.

The parking sensor uses the discretionary LoRaWAN (Long Range Wide Area Network) protocol for wireless communication and can be easily integrated into any smart city project.

Thus, PLS is suitable for many different use cases. For example, a Solution can use it for managed parking or a place finder application in a city. Thus, drivers will spend less time searching for a parking space, reducing CO2 emissions.

Controls and Management IoT

We use Bosch IoT Suite platform

Bosch developed an intelligent parking system whereby the Parking Lot Sensor (PLS) detects and reports parking space occupancy, thus enabling active parking lots management features, such as search, navigation, and reservation.

Our Team connected this sensor to Bosch IoT Suite infrastructure and generated applications with detailed maps of the city’s parking.

How we are doing to install

from Physical device to Cloud integration

Our Team provides the ability to install PLT sensors on city places. We connect each sensor with a Bosch IoT Suite service account and support it.

We are experienced in installation and understand all the technical parameters for the correct operation of the sensor.

Here you can watch a short video from installation PLT and add it to Cloud integration.

Save your time

We want to change the old parking rules

In busy urban environments, the average time spent searching for a parking space often takes in excess of 20 minutes. Through guided parking, our team wants to reduce the average search time by 35% with the added benefit of less CO2 emissions.

Facilitate greater sharing of private parking spaces (e.g., shops in the daytime and restaurants at night) and provide solutions to offer and bill private parking space.

The collection and enforcement (identify overstays and illegal parking e.g.emergency access zone) to minimize the occurrence of missed parking space rent and high associated costs of manually ensuring compliance with parking regulations.

Improve capacity planning by facilitating traffic modeling and simulation through the statistical frequency measurement of parking lots (e.g. identify parking hot spots).

Technical details

Sensor Parameters and specifications

Performance parameters:

  • Model-based optimized parking state detection algorithm development with millions of data points from real parking events
  • 96% average parking state change detection performance proven in field tests with more than 2000 sensors and more than 46 different car types in real parking environments.
  • Adaptive algorithms ensure the highest detection reliability during the whole sensor lifetime
  • Self-learning calibration during the first five parking events
  • Reporting of parking state changes within 35 seconds (typical)


  • Frequency Band: 868 MHz (LoRaWAN) (for European integration)
  • Wireless device management
  • Wireless software updates

Two independent sensor principles and specifications:

  • Magnetometer and Radar.
  • Up to 5 years battery lifetime
  • Diameter 145.4 mm
  • Max height 30.5 mm
  • Weight 191 g
  • Power supply Lithium battery
  • Protection grade IP67/IPx9K
  • Operating temperature range: -30 to +65°C
  • Humidity range: 0 to 95%
  • Resistant to mechanical influences: snowplough2, heavy goods vehicles (CV) (N1 – N3)3, and high-pressure cleaning

More details ? Go to official WEB page – Bosch

Our pipeline to integration

Requirements & Consultation

Analyse location to integrate IoT Sensors

Order sensors for all locations

Setup to places

Connect to IoT Cloud


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