We apply Machine Learning algorithms to your infrastructure

There are billions of cameras and sensors worldwide, capturing an abundance of data that can be used to generate business insights, unlock process efficiencies and improve revenue streams.

You already have the structure and communications in most cases, but you would like to improve your business without major changes and large expenditures.

We have a solution for you, the devices with Machine Learning algorithms. Our team is going to integrate our solution into your infrastructure.

We use solutions from NVIDIA embedded devices – (Jetson series). Native engine TensoRT on the board will be a great competitor to TF or PyTorch.

We use your PoE Cameras in your business location and applying these to our services and create infrastructure for Machine Learning algorithms.

DeepStream offers a multi-platform scalable framework with TLS security to deploy on the edge and connect to any cloud.

We can integrate DeepBoxAI in your business location, deploying all components and give you access to analytics.

How & Where We are going to integrate

Cases to implementation

Realtime analyse and controle

PPE detection

Using the DeepBoxAI product, We analyze the individual protective equipment required for your production. All data is processed immediately and generates warnings to the security team about violations or non-observance of working rules.

Police and Medical Assistance

An independent observer

Safety traffic Prediction is an AI mediator of a Prediction system for analyzing human behavior and autonomous machine. Human nature isn’t simple – our character, emotions, unique – That’s what it means to be human. But on the threshold of our time, many devices help us and take our attention.

The integration into pedestrian crosswalks. We analyze all violations. If a dangerous situation happens, the assistant creates the event with media data and makes  Automatic calls to services such as the Police and Medical Assistance.

The system works in real-time and is fully independent. All data save to encrypted Amazon S3 and access has a government of service all the time.

Retail analyse and statistics

Clearly customer goals

Using the DeepBoxAI product, We analyze all visual data in your retail location. Analytics is very important to understand the goals of your customers. We will help you to form DATA about your visitors and create convenient tools for you in your personal account.

  • Counting visitors
  • Create an ID for each customer
  • Detection bags and other objects from your visitors
  • Gender and Age classification
  • Generation of statistics for each location
  • ReTrain model / Update

Develop a Powerful our Solution
DeepBoxAI Includes

A unified SDK suitable for a multitude of use-cases across a broad set of industries.

We use Nvidia Transfer Learning Toolkit (TLT) for your application. It more Easier & Faster than use coding from scratch.

We can Understand rich and multimodal sensor data at the edge.

For fast-starting, we remove barriers and unlock higher network accuracy by using purpose-built pre-trained models.

We use the AWS IoT platform for Deploy AI services in cloud-native containers and orchestrate using Docker and Kubernetes.

Very important to use native Applications for Hardware. We use the TensorRT engine. Reduce deployment costs significantly and achieve high inference throughput.

How DeepBoxAI Works

NVIDIA TLT helps us to train Neural Networks for your business case. After we have received the Neural Network model, we optimize and convert it to TensorRT (it needs for an embedded device). Next, we create an application based on DeepStream SDK and services for WEB statistics. The main source of Visual analysis is your PoE cameras.

What do We need from you?

What can we provide you? And how do we make it!

What Includes to Basic - DeepBoxAI version

Requirements & Consultation

Analyse location to integrate Solution

Train & Build App

Hardware NVIDIA Jetson

Build WEB on AWS

Deployment & Test

What Includes to Basic DeepStream Application with our Solution

If you are interested, let us know