Entrepreneur / Engineer

Evhenii Rvachov

I'm an Engineer / Inventor / Delivery product from 0 to 1

Experience & Activities

Hey, my friend. I’m going to tell you who I am, what I do, what I love, and why I make it. The point in my life is to give something valuable to people. It may not a massive project, but it will provide a significant growth of everything and optimize your life.

Yes. – I’m a creator, an Engineer, a little bit inventor. My hobby is work and my work is a hobby.

I like Computer Vision in software engineering (any robotics, drones, or assistants). I love building products from Zero to World and seeing what people react to them. True love is seeing what my product, like a baby, is growing and helping people.

I love sports, extreme, motorcycles, playing the guitar, flying drones, travel.

I like my life and everything that happens in it.

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